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The Fergus Legion offers many opportunities to get involved in day-to-day Legion life.

If you are interested in becoming involved in the Executive, contact one of our members.

Meet Your Executive

Brian Bielby.jpg
Brian Bielby


Randy Graham.jpg
Randy Graham

Past President,

Poppy Chair

Tom Semanyk.jpg
Tom Semanyk

1st Vice President, Honours & Awards, TOD

David Evans.jpg
Dave Evans

2nd Vice President, Gaming

Anne-Marie Clarke.jpg
Anne-Marie Clarke


Bob Gear.jpg
Bob Gear


Barb Slater.jpg
Barb Slater

Public Relations Officer

Claude Jacob.jpg
Claude Jacobs

Sports, Track & Field

Conrad Sawyer.jpg
Conrad Sawyer

Sergeant at Arms

Fran Darlington.jpg
Fran Darlington


Fred Nightingale.jpg
Fred Nightingale

Bursary, Youth Education

Jolene Gazzola.jpg
Jolena Gazzola


Pat Sulston.jpg
Pat Sulston

Seniors, Veteran Services, LA Liaison

Richard Slater.jpg
Richard Slater


Ted Cox.jpg
Ted Cox

Special Events

Merv Skerrit.jpg
Merv Skerrit

Branch Manager

Celine Clarke

Ladies' Auxiliary President

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