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Your membership matters to us and the continuation of the Fergus Legion.

Meet new friends and support our Veterans and community, while enjoying the social benefits of membership at your local branch of the Royal Canadian Legion.

Join today!*


*must be a Canadian or citizen of an Allied nation 18 years of age or older

Join the Legion

Joining the Royal Canadian Legion offers a meaningful opportunity to become a part of a supportive and respected community dedicated to honoring and serving veterans, military personnel, and their families. As a member, you can actively participate in a wide range of programs, events, and initiatives that aim to commemorate the sacrifices of those who served and continue to serve our country. Whether engaging in community service, supporting advocacy efforts, or fostering camaraderie with fellow members, being a part of the Royal Canadian Legion provides a sense of pride and fulfillment in contributing to the well-being of those who have bravely served Canada.


The Legion relies on individuals like you to lend their support and assistance on committees and the executive team!


Members are enthusiastically encouraged to take part in a diverse array of events and programs.


There are countless ways you can be a part of Fergus Legion. Talk to a member of our executive to see where to help!


Get a Legion Digital Membership Card for your iPhone or Android device!

Legion Members now have the option to choose either the traditional plastic card OR the new Digital Card that can be saved to your smart phone.

Members with an email-enabled iOS (Apple) or Android mobile device can receive a Digital Card in minutes. The Card is stored in your Apple Wallet or Google Pay and is a free and convenient option. 


To receive the Digital Card, you will need an email address on your Legion membership profile. 


How to request a Digital Card

  1. Log in to the Member Services Website - If this is your first time on the Member Services Website, please create an online profile first.

  2. Add or verify your email address on your member profile.

  3. Select to receive a Digital Card


Renewing Members also can request a Digital Card during the online renewal process.


Renewing your Digital Card

When you renew each year, you will receive an email with your new Digital Card with updated membership year to upload to your phone. 


Members who prepay for multiple years will receive a Digital Card showing the maximum membership year paid.

Need assistance?

Contact Legion Member Services

1-855-330-3344 (8:30 - 3:30 EST) (please include your membership number)

Membership comes with benefits


Get access to a large selection of special offers that range from products and services, travel and events tickets, meal subscriptions, and health & wellness!

Download the Venngo app and conveniently have access to deals wherever you go.

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